"Then I say the Earth belongs to each generation during its course, fully and in its right no generation can contract debts greater than may be paid during the course of its existence"

Thomas Jefferson, September 6, 1789
"If there are to be problems, may they come during my life-time so that I can resolve them and give my children the chance of a good life."

Kenyan proverb
"Sustainable development is development that meets the needs of the present without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their own needs."

The Report of the U.N. Brundtland Commission, Our Common Future, 1987

Note! This is a preliminary list of currently accepted abstracts. When the submissions are closed, the schedule will be created and posted also on this page.

Smart Islands - living labs for 100% renewable and sustainable communities
  • SDEWES2018-0298 Greening and sustainable energy approach applied for Balearic Islands and Fiji Islands: a comparative study (poster)
  • SDEWES2018-0302 Sea wave energy to supply the Aeolian Islands in sustainable way (poster)
  • SDEWES2018-0237 On the transferability of smart energy systems on islands using cluster analysis – a case study for the Philippine archipelago
  • SDEWES2018-0031 Modeling of Integration of Fresnel CSP plant in Small Mediterranean Islands
Energy, Water and Resource Efficiency for Sustainable Future: Knowledge Development and Transfer
  • SDEWES2018-0023 Value chain mapping of the water and sewage industries towards sustainability initiative
  • SDEWES2018-0171 Multi-Criteria Optimisation of Municipal Solid Waste Management: GIS and P-Graph Approach
  • SDEWES2018-0126 Water Footprint Assessment using Specific Energy Consumption as the Indicator
  • SDEWES2018-0145 Water Footprint and Water Quality Evaluation Accounting for Multiple Contaminants
  • SDEWES2018-0043 Water, Energy and Shale Gas Optimization: From Production to Transmission
  • SDEWES2018-0045 The Greenhouse Gas Emission of Different Waste Treatment Alternatives for Municipal Solid Waste
  • SDEWES2018-0222 Emission of Fine Combustion Particles from Micro-scale Biomass Combustion in Oxygen Pure Atmosphere
  • SDEWES2018-0008 Autocorrelation Robustness of Factorial Designs and GAMS in Studying the Effects of Process Variables in a Dual-objective Adsorption System
  • SDEWES2018-0037 Designing for the Batch Water Network with Flexible Production Scheduling Framework
Harnessing the resource potential of our seas in a sustainable manner
  • SDEWES2018-0266 The influence of climate change on the near future wave energy resources in the Black Sea Basin
  • SDEWES2018-0318 A numerical investigation of wave and tidal current energy resource potential in the strait of Novsko ždrilo
  • SDEWES2018-0256 A 30-year projection of the future wind energy resources in the coastal environment of the Black Sea
Energy efficiency in industrial processes and systems
  • SDEWES2018-0263 Numerical analysis of the energy efficiency improvement in a ceramic kiln by means of a heat pipe based heat exchanger
  • SDEWES2018-0250 Combined experimental and numerical approach for the energy efficiency evaluation of the hot welding process in a packaging machine.
  • SDEWES2018-0163 Smart Catalyst Deposition for Low- and High-Temperature Fuel Cells by 3D Printing
  • SDEWES2018-0165 Performance of a Power-to-Gas Energy Storage System based on Integrated High Temperature co-Electrolysis and Methanation (poster)
  • SDEWES2018-0157 Parametric Analysis on a Small Scale Energy System for Liquefied Natural Gas Production
  • SDEWES2018-0228 Membrane distillation for brine treatment: membrane evaluation and coupling with solar thermal energy (poster)
  • SDEWES2018-0300 Efficient energy use in membrane distillation: critical review of the different processes for latent heat recovery
  • SDEWES2018-0227 Desalination of brackish groundwaters with forward osmosis coupled with nanofiltration for the recovery of draw solutes
  • SDEWES2018-0245 Distillation - salinity gradient power for production of energy from low temperature heat sources
  • SDEWES2018-0260 Evaluation of the Potential of a Pressure Retarded Osmosis Power Plant in the Magdalena River based on Field-Data
  • SDEWES2018-0282 Modelling analysis of Thermolytic RED- Heat Engine
  • SDEWES2018-0286 Potential of Reverse Electrodialysis in real environments
  • SDEWES2018-0289 Exergy Analysis of Reverse Electrodialysis Heat Engine with Multi-Effect Distillation Regeneration Stage
Renewable energies, innovative HVAC systems and envelope technologies for the energy efficiency of buildings
  • SDEWES2018-0264 Enhancing the operational performance and management of a solar driven desiccant and evaporative cooling system through a data analytics based approach
  • SDEWES2018-0162 Innovative Living Wall for Mediterranean climate: numerical optimization of designing parameters
  • SDEWES2018-0070 Reduced Order Building Modeling for Fifth-Generation District Heating and Cooling Networks (poster)
  • SDEWES2018-0231 Analysis of the performance of building integrated solar thermal system (BIST) for Domestic hot water production (DHW).
  • SDEWES2018-0229 Deep retrofitting result assessment using different simulation tools
Polygeneration: a novel paradigm for an efficient and sustainable use of energy resources
  • SDEWES2018-0335 Off-Design Analysis and Simulation of MCFC-Stirling Hybrid Cogeneration System
  • SDEWES2018-0337 Hybrid Energy Storage Systems in Polygeneration Applications (poster)
  • SDEWES2018-0038 Comparison of centralized and distributed energy conversion systems meeting electric, thermal and cooling loads of a multi-storey/multi-users building
  • SDEWES2018-0164 Comparison of CHP systems for the paper industry in the context of High Efficiency Cogeneration
Energy efficiency in Cultural Heritage Buildings and Preserved Landscape
  • SDEWES2018-0090 Energy Efficiency of traditional rural house in Mediterranean Area: a case study
  • SDEWES2018-0233 Improvement of energy efficiency for museum indoor lighting: a case of study (poster)
  • SDEWES2018-0252 Addressing Thermal Comfort in Heritage Mediterranean Housing Buildings: A Spanish Case-Study
  • SDEWES2018-0192 Evaluation of natural interior insulation materials: a case study in Bamberg
  • SDEWES2018-0127 Balancing Preservation and Energy Efficiency: An Evaluation of EN 16883
  • SDEWES2018-0241 Retrofit Criteria and Targets for Historic Buildings in Mediterranean Area Fulfilling the Intended Use
  • SDEWES2018-0259 Energy Retrofit of Rural Protected Buildings. The Case of a New Agri-Food Hub in a Peripheral Context in Milan
  • SDEWES2018-0305 Non-reachability of the nZEB Class for Constrained Buildings: Case Study of a Public Building Office in the Central Italy Climate Zone
  • SDEWES2018-0239 Energy retrofit of public buildings and Multicriteria Decision Analysis: the application of the ELECTRE-TRI nC model to a decision process under architectural or landscape constraints
  • SDEWES2018-0251 Potential and limits of the energy-efficient retrofit of historic buildings: the case study of the Municipality of Casale Monferrato (Italy)
Waste Heat Recovery and Utilization
  • SDEWES2018-0272 Sliding-pressure operation behavior of an Organic Rankine cycle for low grade heat recovery
  • SDEWES2018-0273 Off-design performance comparison of a Kalina cycle and a parallel dual-pressure organic Rankine cycle using R245fa driven by the low-grade heat source
  • SDEWES2018-0354 Off-design analysis of a CO2 Rankine cycle with LNG as the cold source driven by ambient air
  • SDEWES2018-0356 Off-design performance prediction of a supercritical CO2 Brayton cycle for waste heat recovery from gas turbine (poster)
  • SDEWES2018-0214 Numerical Study on the Performance of Methane Steam Reforming in Grille-Sphere Composite Structured Packed Bed
  • SDEWES2018-0313 Study on Heat Transfer and Heat Recovery Characteristics of Steam and Semi-coke
  • SDEWES2018-0224 One-Dimensional Heat Conduction in the Fractal Semi-Cokes
  • SDEWES2018-0320 1-D Heat Conduction in the Fractal Semi-Cokes (poster)
  • SDEWES2018-0321 Study on Flow Layer and Trace of Calcined Petroleum Coke in Heat Exchanger (poster)
  • SDEWES2018-0280 Thermodynamic analysis of a novel compressed liquid carbon dioxide energy storage system with ORC module for waste heat recovery
No session defined
Track: Buildings
Subtrack: HVAC
  • SDEWES2018-0232 Environmental control in museums: the analysis of Palazzo Abatellis (poster)
Subtrack: buildings certification
  • SDEWES2018-0242 Energy Performance Assessment for Historic Buildings: Quasi-Steady State Method and Thermal Dynamic Simulation in a Comparison (poster)
Subtrack: No subtrack
  • SDEWES2018-0240 Social Discount Rate and Net Present Value to assess economic feasibility of energy retrofit of public buildings located in historical or landscape contexts (poster)
Track: Sustainable resilience of systems
Subtrack: resilience of agricultural systems
  • SDEWES2018-0141 Adsorption and Desorption Recoveries as Column Performance Criteria for Time Cycles Optimization in Oryzanol Isolation from Rice Bran Oil
Subtrack: resilience of energy systems
  • SDEWES2018-0212 AHP Based Emergency Power Management System for Building Resilience (poster)
Subtrack: resilience of engineering systems
  • SDEWES2018-0198 Drainage System and Flood Control as a Preliminary Structuring Axis for Urban Planning: Case Study of the Acari River Basin, in the Metropolitan Region of Rio De Janeiro (poster)
  • SDEWES2018-0207 Index of risk to material recovery capacity (poster)
  • SDEWES2018-0209 Index of Operation Maintenance Risk to evaluate flood resilience in urban basins
  • SDEWES2018-0290 Assessment of the Dynamic Behavior of Sustainability of a Carbon Capture Process (poster)
Subtrack: resilience of social systems
  • SDEWES2018-0104 Mobilizing relational interdependencies for urban environmental vulnerabilities transformation
Track: Green economy and better governance
Subtrack: sustainability economics
  • SDEWES2018-0062 Explaining the changes in household electricity consumption in Taiwan
Subtrack: low carbon development/economy
  • SDEWES2018-0281 Energy, CO2, Ethanol and Water Assessments of a High-Scale Sugar-Cane Based Biorefinery: Prelude of a Full Carbon Capture Scenario
  • SDEWES2018-0291 Offshore Enhanced-Oil Recovery Integrated to a Large-Scale Sugar-Cane Based Biorefinery: General Assessments at Full Carbon Capture
Subtrack: circular economy
  • SDEWES2018-0083 A review of drivers and barriers for implementing circular economy and sustainable development goals in the EU-13, focusing on logistics
  • SDEWES2018-0101 Pros and Cons of Applying Circular Economy for Biodegradable Waste Management
Track: Social acceptance
Subtrack: energy poverty
  • SDEWES2018-0287 Evaluating Energy Access in Informal Settlements by On Site Survey. The Case of Reta Velha (Itaboraí) and Jardim Bom Retiro (São Gonçalo) (poster)
Track: Agricultural policy
Subtrack: energy and water use in agriculture and food processing
  • SDEWES2018-0103 Assessment of energy inputs for apple production process by cumulative exergy consumption approach.
  • SDEWES2018-0132 Life Cycle Assessment of olive oil: a case study in Southern Italy (poster)
Track: Environmental policy and management
Subtrack: integrated management systems
  • SDEWES2018-0319 Fuzzy AHP group decision analysis and its application for the definition of sustainable action plans in metropolitan cities
Subtrack: occupational health and safety assessment systems
  • SDEWES2018-0200 Analysis of tailings dam failures using a risk series method
  • SDEWES2018-0283 Results of a Wide Survey on Radon Concentrations Before and After Buildings Energy Retrofit Interventions (poster)
Subtrack: environment management systems
  • SDEWES2018-0175 Water Dynamics as Preceding Driver for Risk Prevention and Urban Planning Guidelines (poster)
Subtrack: strategic environmental impact assessment, environment and corporate social responsibility, quality management systems
  • SDEWES2018-0007 Spatial Study of Water Footprints: A GIS-MRIO Analysis to the Ebro River Basin
  • SDEWES2018-0025 Environmental Impact Assessment Studies for Mining Area in Goa Using the New Approach
  • SDEWES2018-0172 Waste transportation and Facility Location Based on Cost and Impact of Emissions
Subtrack: land management
  • SDEWES2018-0208 Index of Physical Susceptibility to Flooding (poster)
  • SDEWES2018-0268 Projecting the future carbon capture and sequestration potential from reforestation: A Brazil case study
Subtrack: air pollution policy
  • SDEWES2018-0013 Development of a reliable and fast method to measure NOx emissions in vehicles (poster)
  • SDEWES2018-0014 Is driving slower a synonymous of less polluting emissions? The case of Diesel vehicles (poster)
  • SDEWES2018-0124 A review on research achievements in a field of black carbon exploration
  • SDEWES2018-0204 Cost of achieving emission limits in coal burning power plants under the last best available techniques regulation amendment: the evidence from national microeconomic data
Subtrack: climate change adaptation
  • SDEWES2018-0059 Socio-economic analysis of community gardens: (un)intended way to adapt the city to climate change
  • SDEWES2018-0072 Hybrid systems approach supporting management to improve coral reef resilience and provision of ecosystem services in a changing climate
  • SDEWES2018-0111 Spatial Bayesian Network for making probabilistic predictions of coastal erosion in a small Pacific island (poster)
  • SDEWES2018-0288 Paris Agreement in Central Europe - The Case of the Visegrad Group (V4)
Subtrack: climate change mitigation
  • SDEWES2018-0125 Beyond Current Nationally Determined Contributions: Additional Mitigation Potential in Ethiopia’s Transport Sector
Subtrack: wastewater management
  • SDEWES2018-0158 Adsorptive removal of methyl violet dye from aqueous solution using modified coal fly ash as a dual site adsorbent: experimental study and isotherm models
Subtrack: waste management
  • SDEWES2018-0189 Can We Improve the Management of Plastic Waste from Small Household Appliances ?
  • SDEWES2018-0238 Energy Embedded in the Management of Food Waste and in the Production of Uneaten Food: Seeking for a Sustainable Pathway
Track: Water-energy nexus
Subtrack: water-renewables integration, water resources
  • SDEWES2018-0055 Renewable water generation to cover the water demand of a Mediterranean island
  • SDEWES2018-0093 The role of heat pumps to offset the carbon footprint of wastewater facilities
Subtrack: water desalination
  • SDEWES2018-0322 Economic assessment of renewable energy systems integrating PhotoVoltaic panels, seawater desalination and water storage
  • SDEWES2018-0323 A novel renewable system based on evacuated solar collectors for the simultaneous production of thermal energy cooling energy and desalinated water
Subtrack: water management
  • SDEWES2018-0030 Integrated Water Resources Development and Management in Some hydrographic Basins west Mersa Matrouh, Northwestern coastal Zone, Egypt.
Subtrack: No subtrack
  • SDEWES2018-0137 Maximum net power density conditions in Reverse Electrodialysis stacks
Track: Smart transport systems and policy
Subtrack: autonomous mobility
  • SDEWES2018-0119 Autonomous Vehicles from Consumer Perspective and its Possible Future Development and Energy Savings
Subtrack: alternative fuels
  • SDEWES2018-0325 A novel paradigm for a sustainable and renewable mobility: a case study for taxi in Naples (poster)
Subtrack: transport electrification
Subtrack: fuel/carbon economy
  • SDEWES2018-0213 Use of Organic Rankine Cycle (ORC) to Reduce Fuel Consumption in Locomotives
Track: Political aspects of sustainable development
Subtrack: sustainable development goals
  • SDEWES2018-0048 Sustainability in viticulture processes in Brazil
  • SDEWES2018-0144 Overcoming one-way Impact Evaluation of Rural Electrification Projects
Track: Buildings
Subtrack: sustainable architecture
  • SDEWES2018-0186 Minimization of Energy consumption through LENI index in a non-residential building (poster)
  • SDEWES2018-0201 Sustainable Performance Estimation for Early Decision-making Process of Mediterranean Social Housing Retrofitting
Subtrack: renewables integration
  • SDEWES2018-0336 Possibilities to Reduce Carbon Footprints in Building Construction Sector in Serbia by Reducing the Embodied Carbon in the Design Stage
  • SDEWES2018-0344 Customer Value Logic of Rooftop PVs – Implications to Rate of Adoption within Cities
Subtrack: insulation
  • SDEWES2018-0168 Combined numerical approach for the evaluation of the energy efficiency and economic investment of building external insulation technologies
Subtrack: HVAC
  • SDEWES2018-0113 Thermoeconomic analysis under dynamic operating conditions for space heating and cooling systems in small residential buildings
  • SDEWES2018-0142 Determination of an Thermal Comfort Zone for Personalized HVAC Control
  • SDEWES2018-0148 A Study on an Optimal Control Method to Control HVAC Systems to Energy Saving in the Office Using a Control algorithm
  • SDEWES2018-0182 Investigating Energy Saving Potential in a Big Shopping Centre through Ventilation Control (poster)
Subtrack: building codes and standards
  • SDEWES2018-0314 Analysis and comparison with actual data of energy requirements for lighting in buildings according to EN 15193
Subtrack: green buildings
  • SDEWES2018-0211 A Probabilistic Inference Model of Municipal Solid Waste for Apartment Buildings in the Early Design Stage
Subtrack: load and demand side management
  • SDEWES2018-0052 Heating Energy Demand of non-Residential Buildings using Updated Degree Days in Italy
Subtrack: ICT
  • SDEWES2018-0301 Control systems for indoor lighting and computer simulation: analysis and comparison between software capabilities and results on a real case study.
Subtrack: smart buildings
  • SDEWES2018-0139 Energy saving potential of individuation lighting dimming system based on model predictive control
  • SDEWES2018-0146 Correlation of Ventilative Cooling Potential and Energy Saving in Various Climatic Zones
Subtrack: passive buildings
  • SDEWES2018-0205 Air Quality in schools and its relationship with building design, HVAC systems and urban location
Subtrack: nearly zero energy buildings
  • SDEWES2018-0044 Analysis of Micro-combined heat and power systems coupled with residential buildings
Subtrack: No subtrack
  • SDEWES2018-0218 Evaluation of Health and Wellbeing of Mediterranean Schools through Air Pollutants Concentration Measurements
  • SDEWES2018-0334 The environmental design of historical building and cultural heritage renovation with a life cycle perspective (poster)
Track: Energy efficient appliances
Subtrack: labelling and standards
  • SDEWES2018-0197 GfK data on energy efficient appliances sold in Germany – Is the market shifting towards top runner products, which role does the EU Energy label play and what is important for the consumer?
Subtrack: smart appliances
Track: Energy and water efficiency in industry and mining
Subtrack: life cycle assessment
  • SDEWES2018-0018 Energy and Environmental Life Cycle Assessment of Asphalt Pavements: A Scenario Analysis for Urban Roads
Subtrack: exergy and exergoeconomic analysis
  • SDEWES2018-0068 Exergy Analysis of a Novel Air Pre-Purification Unit for Cryogenic Fractionation Based on Low-Pressure Supersonic Separator Combined with Finishing Adsorption Step
  • SDEWES2018-0262 Exergy and Advanced Exergy Analysis of an Integrated All Electric Dairy Production Site
Subtrack: metallurgy
  • SDEWES2018-0057 The Link between Maintenance Policies, Systems Economics and Environmental Performance: a Case Study from the Steelmaking Industry
Track: Energy policy
Subtrack: markets
  • SDEWES2018-0067 Reserve Provision by CHP Units and its Impact on Equilibria in Spot and Reserve Markets
Subtrack: employment creation
  • SDEWES2018-0317 Long-term Economic Impacts of Energy Development Scenarios: Insights from Lithuanian Case (poster)
Subtrack: energy efficiency policy
  • SDEWES2018-0058 Mixed-method research to foster energy efficiency investment of German private landlords
  • SDEWES2018-0210 An analysis of sustainable development in Brazil from the perspective of ISO 50001 - Energy Management System (poster)
Subtrack: energy transition
  • SDEWES2018-0051 Do near cost-optimal energy scenarios offer more equitable energy futures for Swiss municipalities?
  • SDEWES2018-0120 Consumer Perspective on Sustainable Energy Policy Development: Case of Slovenia (poster)
  • SDEWES2018-0129 Optimizing Roadmaps under Learning Rate effects.
  • SDEWES2018-0195 The Role of Intermediaries in Energy Transition: A case for Ireland’s First Generation of Sustainable Energy Communities
Subtrack: climate change mitigation
  • SDEWES2018-0005 Carbon Impacts of current Production Systems, Lifestyles and Income Distribution in a Sustainable Development Pathway
  • SDEWES2018-0138 The Potential of Nuclear Energy in Minimizing Greenhouse Gas Emissions: A Case Study from Turkey
  • SDEWES2018-0152 Analysis of Interaction Between Measures for the Reduction of Energy Consumption and CO2 Emissions in Sustainable Energy Action Plans
Subtrack: No subtrack
  • SDEWES2018-0003 Challenges of the electricity sector in Spain: Analyzing some possible change scenarios using a computable general equilibrium model
Track: Storage
Subtrack: batteries
  • SDEWES2018-0073 Implementing a Hybrid Algorithm for Optimal Dispatching of Electrochemical Batteries in a Microgrid
  • SDEWES2018-0133 Supporting the strategic decision-making process to integrate promising and commercially available energy storage (ES) technologies under life cycle perspective
Subtrack: heat/cold storage
  • SDEWES2018-0108 Enhancing system efficiency by application of Phase Change Material based buffering technology in Waste to Energy Plant
  • SDEWES2018-0109 Comparison of Sintering Condition and RF Plasma Discharge on the conversion of Fly Ash into high-temperature Thermal Energy Storage material
  • SDEWES2018-0234 Numerical investigation of a packed bed regenerator using phase change materials
  • SDEWES2018-0235 Distribution and Diffusion Investigation of Organic Phase Change Material in Nano-Confinement by Molecular Dynamics Simulation
Track: Cogeneration, trigeneration, polygeneration
Subtrack: heat/cold and power
  • SDEWES2018-0199 Modelling of two innovative small-scale solar Organic Rankine Cycle trigeneration systems and comparison of their thermodynamic performance
  • SDEWES2018-0284 Improvement of a Cogeneration System in a Food Industry
Track: Modelling for pollution avoidance and energy efficiency
Subtrack: water pollution spreading
  • SDEWES2018-0026 Multivariate Statistical Analysis for Assessment of Ground Water Quality in Hussainsagar Catchment Area, Hyderabad, India
Subtrack: CFD models
  • SDEWES2018-0236 Experimental and numerical investigation on the flow noise propagation mechanism in simple expansion pipelines based on synergy principle of flow and sound fields
Subtrack: No subtrack
  • SDEWES2018-0167 A clean ultrasound-assisted extraction of phenolic compounds from black locust flowers
  • SDEWES2018-0179 Data fusion analysis applied to different climate change models: an application to the building sector (poster)
Track: Waste and wastewater treatment and reuse
Subtrack: anaerobic digestion
  • SDEWES2018-0330 Utilization Of The Farm Organic Waste By Using An Anaerobic Co-Digestion Process
Subtrack: recycling
  • SDEWES2018-0056 Analyzing the Decision to Invest in Recycling: the Role of Demand Uncertainty and the Rebound Effect.
  • SDEWES2018-0296 Utilization of Solid Waste of Starch Factory for Citric Acid Production using Aspergillus Niger
Subtrack: composting
  • SDEWES2018-0100 Management of household food waste from residential areas
  • SDEWES2018-0136 Co-treatment of Sewage Sludge with Other Organic Waste Towards the Circular Bioeconomy
Subtrack: avoiding waste
  • SDEWES2018-0047 Mineralogical Characterization of Tailings, Blue-dust and Waste Rocks Engendered from Fe Mines in India and Liberia and their Environmental Consequences
  • SDEWES2018-0085 Combined Membrane and Thermal Desalination Processes for the Treatment of Ion Exchange Resins Spent Brine
  • SDEWES2018-0275 Modeling and Design of Membrane Integrated Processes for HCl and Metals Recovery from Pickling Solutions
Subtrack: No subtrack
  • SDEWES2018-0099 Phytotoxicity Assay to Assess Sewage Sludge Phytoremediation Rate Using Guaiacol Peroxidase Activity (GPX): A Comparison of Four Growth Substrates
Track: Water desalination
Subtrack: distillation
  • SDEWES2018-0082 A comprehensive Sensitivity Study on the Performance of the Multi-Effect Distillation Technology
Track: Water treatment for drinking water
Subtrack: No subtrack
  • SDEWES2018-0105 Removal of Mn and As from Drinking Water by Red Mud and Pyrolusite
Track: Hybrid and electric vehicles
Subtrack: batteries
  • SDEWES2018-0257 Research of hydrogen consumption detection flowmeter method for fuel cell vehicles
Subtrack: charging
  • SDEWES2018-0011 Electric Vehicles (EVs) Charging Infrastructure development with on-grid solar energy and wind energy integration
  • SDEWES2018-0247 Allocation of e-car charging: utilization of charging infrastructures at home, at work and in public
Subtrack: first generation hybrid
  • SDEWES2018-0024 Electric Vehicle Battery Performance as a function of Temperature
Subtrack: No subtrack
  • SDEWES2018-0006 Metal criticality in the automobile sector
  • SDEWES2018-0147 Multi-objective machine learning algorithm for power management of complex EV powertrain structure
Track: Alternative fuels
Subtrack: DME
  • SDEWES2018-0315 Coal to Dimethyl Ether (DME) Based on A New Gasification Technology by Decomposing C and H Components
Subtrack: hydrogen
  • SDEWES2018-0027 Hydrogen production by methane decomposition over Ni doped activated carbon based on olive stones: kinetic study and characterization of materials
  • SDEWES2018-0063 Performance evaluation of proton exchange fuel cell’s membrane electrode assembly using comparative artificial intelligence technics
  • SDEWES2018-0106 Economic Feasibility Analysis of Methane Steam Reforming in a Membrane Reactor for Small-sized H2 Production
Subtrack: No subtrack
  • SDEWES2018-0050 Research on the Methane Injection Characteristics and Its Simulation Analysis in Engine
Track: Smart energy systems
Subtrack: dynamic electricity pricing, microgrids
  • SDEWES2018-0087 Capacity Tariffs and the Impact on Battery Charging: a Heuristic Approach
Subtrack: smart grids
  • SDEWES2018-0015 Stochastic Demand Forecasting with Machine Learning in Smart Grid
  • SDEWES2018-0151 Active renewable energy sources in role of smart power system regulation and integrity protection
Subtrack: integration of power, heating/cooling, transport, water and waste sectors
  • SDEWES2018-0010 Photovoltaic and electric energy storage systems for seasonal base load provision and self-supply of residential buildings
  • SDEWES2018-0021 Energy Systems Supporting Sustainability based Upon New Evolutionary Algorithms
  • SDEWES2018-0081 Experimental Investigation of a High Temperature Latent TES with Novel Fin Geometry
  • SDEWES2018-0097 Decarbonizing the Transport Sector: the Promethean Responsibility of Nicaragua
  • SDEWES2018-0174 Integrating industrial waste heat recovery into sustainable Smart Energy Systems
Track: Biofuels and biorefineries
Subtrack: pyrolysis
  • SDEWES2018-0155 The effect of plastic co-feeding on the production of aromatic hydrocarbons during the catalytic pyrolysis of biomass
  • SDEWES2018-0351 Thermal and Catalytic Conversion of Lignin and Refuse Derived Fuel over Zeolites
Subtrack: biorefineries
  • SDEWES2018-0084 Upgrading lignin pyrolysis oils to gasoline- and diesel-range hydrocarbons by hydrodeoxygenation over bimetallic RuReOx/C catalyst (poster)
Subtrack: second and third generation biofuels
  • SDEWES2018-0071 Effective production of phenolic hydrocarbons from organosolv lignin over Ru catalyst combined with MgO
Subtrack: biodiesel
  • SDEWES2018-0094 Influence of Fuel Injection Settings on Nox Emissions From an Engine Fueled by Diesel Oil-Biodiesel Blends
  • SDEWES2018-0143 Simplex Lattice Design Method for the Optimization of Non-Edible Oils Mixture Composition as Feedstock for Biodiesel Synthesis Using Reactive Distillation
Track: Renewable heat systems
Subtrack: solar
  • SDEWES2018-0216 Application of solar thermal energy for cocoa beans drying: mathematical modeling and numerical simulation of non-equilibrium (poster)
Subtrack: biomass
  • SDEWES2018-0274 Biomass District Heating in Italy: Results of a Wide Survey of Operational Conditions (poster)
Track: Advanced sustainable energy conversion systems
Subtrack: piezoelectric
  • SDEWES2018-0028 Analytical Solution and optimization for energy harvesting from nonlinear transverse vibration of rectangular Piezoelectric plate
Subtrack: fuel cells
  • SDEWES2018-0265 Experimental Assessment of a Direct Methanol Fuel Cells Model
Subtrack: No subtrack
  • SDEWES2018-0095 Isobaric Expansion Engines as High Pressure Pumps for Water Desalination
Track: Nano and micro technologies and science for sustainable development of energy, water, and environment systems
  • SDEWES2018-0278 Rapid Exfoliation of Kaolinites and Evaluation of Emulsion Stabilization Performance for Oil Recovery Application
Track: District heating and/or cooling in smart energy systems
Subtrack: heat pumps
  • SDEWES2018-0102 Renewable Energy Integration through Power-to-Heat/Power-to-Cool System in the Old City of Dubrovnik
Subtrack: integration of renewable heat
  • SDEWES2018-0054 Life Cycle Assessment of Solar Communities: a Scenario Analysis
  • SDEWES2018-0219 Exergy Loss and Carbon Dioxide Emission Taxes and Their Influence on District Heating System Optimization Results
  • SDEWES2018-0230 Experimental investigation of a moving-bed heat storage thermochemical reactor
Track: Thermal power plants
Subtrack: carbon capture and storage/sequestration/reuse
  • SDEWES2018-0012 Emissions Reduction on Thermal Power Turbines Firing CO2-rich Natural Gas: Technical and Economical Evaluation Applied to a Floating Production Storage and Offloading (FPSO) Unit
  • SDEWES2018-0040 Improving the Performance of the Gas Turbine Cycle Using CO2-Argon-Steam Oxy-fuel (CARSOXY) as a Working Fluid in the Combustion Process
  • SDEWES2018-0292 Assessment of the Brazilian Market for Potential of Carbon Dioxide Utilization
Subtrack: clean coal
  • SDEWES2018-0065 Characteristics of fine particulate matter distribution and trace elements enrichment in 330MW coal-fired boiler
  • SDEWES2018-0088 The effect of interaction between sodium and silica, aluminum compounds on the formation of fine particulates during coal combustion
Track: Renewable electricity generation systems
Subtrack: photovoltaic
  • SDEWES2018-0203 Thermochemical Energy Storage of Solar PV to enhance dispatchability and large scale commercial expansion
Track: Primary energy resources
Subtrack: gas
  • SDEWES2018-0074 A novel hybrid Ranque-Hilsch vortex tube and ejector system for energy regeneration during pressure reduction process of Pipeline Natural Gas
Track: Renewable energy resources
Subtrack: integration
  • SDEWES2018-0017 Economy-wide effects of a sustainability pathway in the pig sector: a case study in Aragon (Spain) (poster)
Subtrack: wave and ocean
  • SDEWES2018-0180 Small Island developing states: the energy study of Cuba (poster)
Subtrack: solar
  • SDEWES2018-0020 Application of Artificial Neural Network and Support Vector Machines in Predicting Linke Turbidity Factor and the Ångström Turbidity Coefficient
  • SDEWES2018-0033 Potential Induced Degradation impact on I-V Curve deviation: Implementing a smart PID detector
  • SDEWES2018-0039 Dynamic simulation of a solar based ground source heat pump including an electric energy storage for an office application (poster)
  • SDEWES2018-0150 Solar electricity generation in hybrid thermal power plants (poster)
  • SDEWES2018-0154 Digital Spin Coater for Fabrication of Dye Synthesized Solar Cell from Extraction of Banana Heart
  • SDEWES2018-0170 Energy Performance Analysis of a Forced Circulation Solar Water Heating System Equipped with Evacuated Solar Tube Collectors for the Mediterranean Climate Conditions
  • SDEWES2018-0183 Energy and Environmental Impact Evaluation of a Forced Circulation Solar Water Heating System Equipped with Evacuated Solar Tube Collectors for the Mediterranean Climate Conditions (poster)
  • SDEWES2018-0258 Development of a dynamic energy model of a Dish-Stirling solar concentrator.
  • SDEWES2018-0271 Determining the Thermal Efficiency of a Polymer Solar Collector Using Numerical Methods
  • SDEWES2018-0324 Integration EV vehicle and Net-Zero-Energy-Building
  • SDEWES2018-0329 Application of Ray Tracing Analysis in the Design of Complex Flat Plate Collectors
Subtrack: wind
  • SDEWES2018-0177 Evaluation of one integrated energy system in the Park of Madonie
Subtrack: hydro
  • SDEWES2018-0244 Modelling and Optimization of Modular System for Power Generation from a Salinity Gradient
Subtrack: biogas
  • SDEWES2018-0091 Effect of Source of Inoculum, Type of Defined Medium as Well as Substrate to Inoculum Ratios on Methane Yield and Kinetic Parameters
  • SDEWES2018-0140 A comparative life cycle assessment of biogas production based on pig and cattle manure
  • SDEWES2018-0176 Investigating the effect of co-digestion on anaerobic digestion of cow dung with organic food wastes using response surface methodology
  • SDEWES2018-0178 Investigating the effect co-digestion on anaerobic digestion of kitchen waste with paper waste using response surface methodology (poster)
  • SDEWES2018-0215 Feasibility assessment of implementing a biodigester system for commercial users of Piura region
Subtrack: second generation biofuels
  • SDEWES2018-0064 Influences of Magnesium Content in Rehydrated Mixed Oxides on Furfural Conversion (poster)
Subtrack: biofuels
  • SDEWES2018-0041 Study on flame characteristics of low heat value gas in a constant volume combustion bomb
  • SDEWES2018-0112 The Catalytic Performance of Mg/Al and Mg/Fe Mixed Oxides in Transesterification in Flow Reactor
  • SDEWES2018-0159 Molybdenum Nitrides, Carbides, and Phosphides as Highly Efficient Catalysts for Hydrodeoxygenation of Biomass
Subtrack: biomass
  • SDEWES2018-0061 Experimental study of Effect of Hydrogen Addition on Combustion of Low Caloric Value Gas Fuels
  • SDEWES2018-0066 Investigation of various biomass drying intensification scenarios in a packed bed of biomass: experiments and numerical modeling
  • SDEWES2018-0098 Experimental Study of a Low-Temperature Micro-Scale Organic Rankine Cycle System with the Multistage Radial Turbine for Domestic Applications
  • SDEWES2018-0225 Beneficiation of anaerobic digestate to bio fertilizer granules
Track: Transport management
Subtrack: transport system analysis, dynamic road pricing
  • SDEWES2018-0075 A soft traffic management approach for achieving environmentally sustainable and economically viable outcomes: An Australian case study
Track: Energy system analysis
Subtrack: power to gas
  • SDEWES2018-0206 Comparison of Hydrogen Pathways for Power and Transport in a Very High-RES Integrated Energy System
Subtrack: integration of power and water systems
  • SDEWES2018-0191 Comparison of transcritical CO2 and conventional refrigerant heat pump water heaters for domestic applications
Subtrack: storage vs. grids vs. demand management
  • SDEWES2018-0016 Life cycle energy and environmental impacts of a hybrid solid oxide fuel cell - sodium nickel chloride battery system for telecommunication
  • SDEWES2018-0254 Analysis of Integration of Solar Organic Rankine Cycle for Domestic Combined Heat Power Generation
Subtrack: development of energy planning tools
  • SDEWES2018-0316 Solving Reserve Location Problem in Modelling of Energy System Development
Subtrack: island energy systems
  • SDEWES2018-0086 Evaluation of Energy Planning Approaches for Renewable Energy Islands
  • SDEWES2018-0123 Energy supply for remote Philippine islands: sub-marine cable interconnection considering local bathymetry compared to renewable based mini-grids
  • SDEWES2018-0149 Business and Socioeconomic Assessment of Introducing Heat Pumps with Heat Storage in Small-scale District Heating Systems
  • SDEWES2018-0173 Development of Battery Energy Storage System (Li-ion, Redox Flow, Sodium-Sulfur) Models for an Island Microgrid Optimizer
Subtrack: high penetration of renewables
  • SDEWES2018-0049 Power System with Large Share of Renewable Energy Source and Role of Electric Vehicles in Increasing Power System Flexibility– Case Study Croatia
  • SDEWES2018-0196 Opportunities for Hydrogen Storage in CO2-reduced Energy Scenarios: the Italian Case
Subtrack: 100% renewable energy systems
  • SDEWES2018-0117 100% renewable energy sources in isolated islands through the connection of their power systems. Pico and Faial Islands, Azores
Subtrack: smart energy systems
  • SDEWES2018-0034 User Activity Simulation for Residential Buildings
  • SDEWES2018-0217 Integration of Molten Carbonate Fuel Cell and Electrolyser into a multi-energy system for cogeneration and fuel production at a university campus
Subtrack: power system planning
  • SDEWES2018-0035 Open Energy System Modelling with urbs – Example Germany
  • SDEWES2018-0096 Option Games for investment decision in the power market
Subtrack: energy planning
  • SDEWES2018-0022 Energy scenarios for cities to achieve environmental commitments (poster)
  • SDEWES2018-0042 Transition pathways optimization methodology through EnergyPLAN software
  • SDEWES2018-0122 Influence of Implementation of Low-carbon Strategies and Transmission Capacities between European Energy Systems Moving towards a Common Electricity Market
  • SDEWES2018-0156 Accounting for Cllimate Change-Induced Change in Space Heating Demand in Energy Systems Optimisation: Case Study of Denmark
  • SDEWES2018-0202 An Integrated Strategy Among Regional and Municipal Energy Planning to Achieve a Full Decarbonized Territory
Subtrack: No subtrack
  • SDEWES2018-0079 Life Cycle Energy Sustainability Assessment: an Expanded Framework for Energy Technologies (poster)
  • SDEWES2018-0153 Bearing Fault Diagnosis Based on Feature Fusion of Vibration Signal Energy
  • SDEWES2018-0187 How current research in heat pumps and thermal energy storage can contribute towards decarbonisation of energy sector and impact the future power system
  • SDEWES2018-0285 Analysis of Convective Heat Exchange Processes of Refrigerating Fluids (poster)
Track: Education in sustainable development
Subtrack: higher education
  • SDEWES2018-0076 Development possibilities of Environmental Engineering Education - Compare Hungary with selected European countries
  • SDEWES2018-0188 USP Sustainable Development : Educating with Purpose focusing on SDG goals
Subtrack: environmental awareness
  • SDEWES2018-0194 Examining the Media role on Waste Disposal and its Effects on the Livelihood of Ghanaians. The case of Dompoase in the Kumasi Metropolis
Track: Urbanism
Subtrack: sustainable energy action plans
  • SDEWES2018-0193 Stakeholder engagement methodology towards harmonization of sustainable urban energy and mobility planning
Track: Sustainability comparisons and measurements
Subtrack: life cycle analysis
  • SDEWES2018-0004 Environmental Sustainability of Small-scale Biomass Power for Agricultural Communities in Developing Countries
  • SDEWES2018-0009 Design and operation of low energy consumption passive human comfort solutions
  • SDEWES2018-0036 From biomass waste to tri-generation: a life-cycle experience in the “agro-combined” of Thibar
  • SDEWES2018-0060 Comparative Assessment of the Performance of Disposable and Cloth Diapers in the Regional Context of Brazil with Regard to Material Efficiency and the Circular Economy Concept
  • SDEWES2018-0089 Life Cycle Assessment of solar heating and cooling systems: the tool “ELISA” (poster)
  • SDEWES2018-0092 Life cycle assessment and external costs of the electricity in Spain
  • SDEWES2018-0160 Life-Cycle Assessment Applied to Future Scenarios of Electricity Generation in Sicily
  • SDEWES2018-0169 Life Cycle Sustainability Assessment of Tertiary Buildings: A Review of the Social Performance
  • SDEWES2018-0248 An Open Question for the European Bioenergy Future: how should be Food Waste Energy Management? (poster)
  • SDEWES2018-0269 Life Cycle Assessment of Methyl Bromide Production Process (poster)
Subtrack: exergy analysis
  • SDEWES2018-0131 Methanol production from CO2 rich natural gas: Assessment of Environmental Performance through Exergy Analysis.
Subtrack: multi-criteria analysis
  • SDEWES2018-0053 CO2-EOR and CCS: an Environmental Economic Trade-Off Analysis
  • SDEWES2018-0107 Economic Leverage of Thermodynamic Hydrate Inhibitor Recovery from Raw Natural Gas with Supersonic Separator: Post-combustion Capture of 43% of CO2 Emissions Preserving Offshore Gas Plant Profitability
  • SDEWES2018-0110 Proposal of a River Classification Index, Considering Aspects of River Restoration as a Complementary Tool
  • SDEWES2018-0134 CO2 Rich Natural Gas Offshore Processing with Supersonic Separator: CO2 Capture, Energy and Economic Assessments
  • SDEWES2018-0190 Management of Natural Resources at the University of São Paulo (USP) - The use of low cost equipment for water and energy management. (poster)
  • SDEWES2018-0279 Management and Energy Performance in Brazilian Cities


Benchmarking the performance of cities across energy, water and environment systems
related metrics presents an opportunity to trigger policy learning, action, and cooperation to bring cities closer to sustainable development.